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About Eric Young & Co

Our vast experience in retail property has made us a recognised specialist and preferred consultant to many occupiers, landlords and developers.

We also offer expertise and strategic advice in business space property matters.


Founded in 1983, Eric Young & Co is a by-word for expertise in the property scene in Scotland and increasingly in England and Northern Ireland. Last year we completed over 200 deals on retail property. We launched our specialist business space team in 2000 and since then have advised many occupiers and landlords.


Through our highly experienced team we supply expert advice and consultancy focussed on the retail and business space sectors for occupiers and developers/landlords. Whether you are a retailer looking for new premises or a developer requiring input into your project appraisal, we can help you.

To find the best person to contact in respect of your enquiry please search under the Services section.


During our 32 years of existence we have gained a reputation for sound advice and decisive action on our clients' behalf. We offer objective and impartial advice backed up by substantial market knowledge and activity.

Once instructed by clients, we work to agreed timescales and without the need for constant prompting. Integrity, direct communication and personal contacts are the basis of our service, and of our success.

Professional Service

We draw upon an extensive network of experience and contacts in advising and reporting to our clients on a wide range of property issues. From our active involvement in the marketplace and comprehensive database of recent market activity, we filter out the most relevant information to provide our clients with clear and structured advice and an accurate insight into specific market conditions.