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Rates payments are a significant property cost for both occupiers and landlords. The rateable values which determine the actual payments should be revised every five years, however following the deferral of the 2015 revaluation, rateable values have only recently been revised through the rates revaluation on 1 April 2017. The previous revaluation was on 1 April 2010.

2017 rateable values (RV’s) should reflect the rental value of a property as at 1 April 2015. The new rateable values can be challenged with representations made to the VOA in England & Wales and the Assessors Department in Scotland.

In England a new ‘Check, Challenge, Appeal’ system has been introduced.  This requires the ratepayer to provide information to the Valuation Office relating to the physical aspects of the properties valuation. Only once these factual matters have been checked, can the rateable value be challenged with ratepayers then making further detailed representations to the VOA. The VO should then revert to the ratepayer either agreeing or disagreeing with the ratepayers. If the ratepayer is dissatisfied with that response, they may then pursue an appeal to the Valuation Tribunal and charges will apply at that stage.

In Scotland, the appeal process is broadly unchanged from previous revaluations and 2017 revaluation appeals must be lodged with the Assessor before 30 September 2017.     

Whilst appeals following a revaluation are the most common route for rates savings, Material Change of Circumstance (MCC) appeals can also be submitted at any time in the revaluation cycle, where there has been a change in the environment which has affected the rental levels.

Eric Young & Co combine our rating expertise with the market knowledge gained from our agency and rent review involvement throughout the UK. At the 2017 Rates Revaluation our clients will include Arcadia, Toys R Us, Farmfoods, Intu Braehead, Buchanan Galleries Shopping Centre, Sovereign Centros, Primark, East Kilbride Shopping Centre, Almondvale Centre, Eastgate Centre, Ellandi, Bon Accord Centre and St Nicholas Centre.

Our strengths include:

  • Broad market knowledge, pro-active and innovative approach
  • Technical understanding of the rating systems throughout the UK
  • Non-domestic rates experience dating back to the 1990 Rates Revaluation

If you require advice on rates or require any assistance with the appeal process please contact our rating team.

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