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Rent Review

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Rent Review: Business Space

Our Business Space Rent Review team acts throughout Scotland both within the office and industrial market.

The team has an in-depth market knowledge and ensures that a market-led approach is adopted in order to achieve the best result for our clients. We also monitor the market carefully in order to be fully up to date with any legal arguments that influence the rent review process.

Our approach is very much aimed at ensuring that the client achieves maximum value from the rent review process, which includes looking at all lease provisions and considering where added value could be achieved for our clients.

Our strengths include:

  • Up to date knowledge of relevant transactions through our active involvement in the business space market.
  • A clear understanding of lease provisions that can be value sensitive
  • Substantial experience in sector

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  • Neil Gordon

    • 0131 558 5119
    • 07974 375 823
  • Neil McConnachie

    • 0131 558 5104
    • 07818 062 736
Team photo Neil Gordon Neil McConnachie